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ECE 6335 Digital Control Systems Academic Honesty Statement: Academic Honesty Statement I have read the University of Houston Academic Honesty Policy contained in the online UH Student Handbook and the College of Engineering’s Position on Aca- demic Honesty contained in the Procedures guide; available at the college of engineering website. Additionally, I agree to abide by the provisions outlined in both locations. Moreover, I understand that the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering takes academic hon- esty seriously and, in cases of violation, penalties may include suspension from the University of Houston. Excerpt from the UH Academic Honesty Policy : “High ethical standards are critical to the integrity of any institution, and bear di- rectly on the ultimate value of conferred degrees in the business community. All
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Unformatted text preview: UH students, regardless of their chosen discipline, are expected to contribute to an atmosphere of the highest possible ethical standards.” References: University of Houston academic honesty policy is found, here: Cullen College of Engineering honesty policy is found, here: honesty Acknowledgement: Name (printed): —————————————————————– Signature: —————————————————————– UH E-mail Address: —————————————————————– Date: —————————————————————–...
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