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Preface plasma dynamics, the electromechanics of biological systems, or magneto- elasticity. It was also chosen to achieve adequate depth while maintaining suitable unity, but, most important, examples were chosen that could be enlivened for the engineering student interested in the interplay of physical reality and the analytical model. There were many examples from which to choose, but only a few satisfied the requirement of being both mathe- matically lucid and physically demonstrable, so that the student could "push it or see it" and directly associate his observations with symbolic models. Among the areas of electrical engineering, electromechanics excels in offering the opportunity to establish that all-important "feel" for a physical phe- nomenon. Properly selected electromechanical examples can be the basis for discerning phenomena that are remote from human abilities to observe. Before discussing how the material can be used to achieve these ends, a review of the contents is in order. The student who uses this book is assumed
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