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Preface Chapter 6 represents our first departure from lumped-parameter systems into continuum systems with a discussion of how observers in relative motion will define and measure field quantities and the related effects of material motion on electromagnetic fields. It is our belief that de rotating machines are most easily understood in this context. Certainly they are a good demon- stration of field transformations at work. As part of any continuum electromechanics problem, one must know how the electric and magnetic fields are influenced by excitations and motion. In quasi-static systems the distribution of charge and current are controlled by magnetic diffusion and charge relaxation, the subjects of Chapter 7. In Chapter 7 simple examples isolate significant cases of magnetic diffusion or charge relaxation, so that the physical processes involved can be better understood. Chapters 6 and 7 describe the electrical side of a continuum electro- mechanical system with the material motion predetermined. The mechanical
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