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Electromechanical Dynamics (Part 1).0012

Electromechanical Dynamics (Part 1).0012 - Preface A-PDF...

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__ _ Preface undergraduate level. It seems clear to us that organizing material in a teach- able and meaningful fashion is far more demanding than this. To confess our own mistakes, our material went originally from the general to the specific; it began with the relativistic form of Maxwell's equations, including the effects of motion, and ended with lumped-parameter devices as special cases. Even if this were a pedagogically tenable approach, which we found it was not, what a bad example to set for students who should be learning to distinguish between the essential and the superfluous! Ideas connected with the propaga- tion of electromagnetic waves (relativistic ideas) must be included in the curriculum, but their connection with media in motion should be made after the student is aware of the first-order issues. A meaningful presentation to engineers must interweave and interrelate mathematical concepts, physical characteristics, the modeling process, and the establishment of a physical "feel" for
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