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Preface represented here, this material is rich in teaching possibilities. The demands on the teacher to see the subject in its total context, especially the related problems that lie between the lines, are significant. We have taught this subject many times to undergraduates, yet each term has been more enjoyable than the last. There are so many ways in which drama can be added to the material, and we do not need to ask the students (bless them) when we have been successful in doing so. In developing this material we have found lecture demonstrations and demonstration films to be most helpful, both for motivation and for develop- ing understanding. We have learned that when we want a student to see a particular phenomenon it is far better for us to do the experiment and let the student focus his attention on what he should see rather than on the wrong connections and blown fuses that result when he tries to do the experiment himself. The most successful experiments are often the simplest--
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