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Introduction for completeness. We can get well into the study of electromechanical dynamics with a few simple extensions of magnetostatic and electrostatic theory. Therefore we cite the electromagnetic equations that form the basis for our study and start to use them immediately. The equations can be accepted as postulates, justified by their relation to ordinary magnetostatic and electrostatic theory and by the fact that they give adequate representation of the electromechanical systems we shall study. As our work progresses from the lumped-parameter models in Chapters 2 to 5 to situations requiring continuum models, the physical significance of the field equations in electro- mechanical interactions will be more apparent. It is at that point that a meaningful discussion can be made.of the most significant effects of moving media on electromagnetic fields, and the reader may find that a study of Appendix B will be most helpful at that time. 1.1.1
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