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20 Lumped Electromechanical Elements field systems. We note that the first term on the rightof (2.1.11) is proportional to di/dt and is the result of changing current. This term can exist when the system is mechanically stationary and is often referred to as a transformer voltage. The second term on the right of (2.1.11) is proportional to dx/dt, which is a mechanical speed. This term exists only when there is relative motion in the system and is conventionally referred to as a speed voltage. No matter how many terminal pairs or mechanical displacements a system may have, the voltage at each terminal pair will have terms of the two types contained in (2.1.11). If we now restrict our system (with one electrical terminal pair and one mechanical displacement) to materials whose magnetization densities are linear with field quantities, we have an electrically linear system whose flux linkage can be expressed in terms of an inductance L as A. = L(x)i.
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