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Lumped Electromechanical Elements Fig. 2.1.3 Doubly excited magnetic field system. of a fixed annular section of highly permeable magnetic material that is concentric with a cylindrical piece of the same material of the same axial length. Mounted in axial slots in the material are coils labeled with the numbers of turns and current directions. The angular position of the inner structure (rotor) relative to the outer structure (stator) is indicated by an angle 0 which can vary with time. Current is fed to the coil on the rotor through sliding contacts (brushes that make contact with slip rings). The system in Fig. 2.1.3 represents the basic method of construction of many rotating machines. In our solution we discuss how this configuration is used with some variations to achieve the lumped parameters desired for rotating-machine operation. We wish to calculate the two flux linkages At and A 2 as functions of the currents i s and i 2 and the angular displacement 0.
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