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Electromechanical Dynamics (Part 1).0048

Electromechanical Dynamics (Part 1).0048 - Circuit Theory...

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_ Circuit Theory Fig. 2.1.5 Hard magnetic material magnetized and then demagnetized by the current I. For the more general (and possibly not electrically linear) case for which flux linkages are expressed by (2.1.17) we can, at least in theory, solve these N simultaneous equations to obtain the general functional form ik = ik(Al, 12 ,... I AN; X1, X 2 , ... .M), k = 1, 2, ... , N. (2.1.24) Although we have generalized the concept of inductance to the point at which we can describe an electrically nonlinear system, the full, nonlinear expressions are rarely used in the analysis of electromechanical devices. This is so because devices that involve mechanical motion normally have air gaps (where the material is electrically linear) and the fields in the air gaps predominate (see the last two examples). It is worthwhile, however, to understand the origins of lumped parameters and how to describe nonlinear systems because there are some devices in which nonlinearities predominate.
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