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Electromechanical Dynamics (Part 1).0074

Electromechanical Dynamics (Part 1).0074 - A-PDF Split DEMO...

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Mechanics Fig. 2.2.17 Mechanical system and its network diagram: (a) system; (b) mechanical equivalent circuit. We can generalize from this example to state that for a mechanical loop with n elements geometrical compatibility requires that (vi+ I - vi) = 0, (2.2.40) d=l where (v+ 1 x - vv) is the velocity difference across the ith element taken positive in the direction of summation. An equivalent relation for rotational systems can be obtained by summing angular velocity differences around a loop. In establishing the loop equations it is preferable to work with velocity differences as above. If displacements are used, the geometric compatibility equations will contain constant terms, such as unstretched lengths of springs, and will be more complicated than (2.2.40). As stated earlier, the
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