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Electromechanical Dynamics (Part 1).0082

Electromechanical Dynamics (Part 1).0082 -...

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Electromechanical Coupling K, (b) Fig. 3.1.1 (a) A magnetic field electromechanical system; (b) its representation in terms of terminal pairs. Note that the coupling network does not include mechanical energy storages (M) or electrically dissipative elements (R). Because of the restriction of our treatment to quasi-static systems, the fields that give rise to forces in a particular element are electric or magnetic, but not both. Thus we can consider separately the forces due to electric fields and the forces due to magnetic fields. To illustrate how the coupling can be taken into account suppose the problem to be considered is the magnetic field system shown in Fig. 3.1.1. The electromechanical coupling occurs between one electrical terminal pair with the variables
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