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Lumped-Parameter Electromechanics en 1 ergy te te J.1. .J) ur ~..L . I)1. 1IUS L e pLUpIL ,rCe of a coupling system can be determined completely if the electrical terminal relations are known and the system is represented by a conservative model. To illustrate these ideas consider the electric field system of Fig. 3.1.2 for which the electrical ter- minal relation is X J Fig. 3.1.4 Variable space v = v(q, x). (3.1.28) for system of Fig. 3.1.2. The path of integration in the q-x plane to be used in evaluating stored energy W, is shown in Fig. 3.1.4. If we use (3.1.13), the energy at point (q, x) is W.(q, x) = - fe (0, x') dx' + v(q', x) dq'. (3.1.29) In this expression and in Fig. 3.1.4 the primes denote running variables and (q, x) represents the fixed end point of the line integration. The first term on the right of (3.1.29) is zero because fe is the force of interaction between charges and electric fields, and with no charge (q = 0) f" must be zero. Thus (3.1.29)
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