era - by the decline in manufacturing which is taking place...

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I would choose The Industrial Revolution This era is described as when business operations moved from an emphasis on independent skilled workers who specialized on building products one by one to a factory system that mass produced items by bringing together large numbers of semi skilled workers. Factories profited from the savings created by large scale production, and increasing machine support. Specialization of labor, limiting each worker to a few specific tasks in the production process, also improved production efficiency. A business person working in today's market from this era would first be shocked
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Unformatted text preview: by the decline in manufacturing which is taking place in the United States. The U.S. gross domestic product for manufacturing is 12% while the gross domestic product for health care is 16%. Maybe this individual would change careers and move into health care in a management position. My time traveler would need to keep in mind that products are produced outside of the US now, sales and transactions for these products now have an e commerce component and unions play a role in the employee workforce now....
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