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MAT week3 (1)

MAT week3 (1) - Statistical analysis is essential to...

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Why do we use pseudorandom numbers in simulations? Generation of random numbers is not a simple process. In order for a number to be truly random it must be uniformly distributed  (each random number in the interval of random numbers has equal chance of being selected), efficiently generated (the random  numbers should not degenerate into constant values or recycle too frequently) and absent of patterns. Computers can generate  random numbers using a mathematical process that artificially creates psuedorandom numbers more efficiently than true random  numbers can be generated in a process akin to spinning the roulette wheel. What is the role of statistical analysis in simulation?
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Unformatted text preview: Statistical analysis is essential to identifying the critical factors in simulation. Performing the analysis of variance is to ensure the proper selection of significant factors. With this, understanding and judgment become more effective in making appropriate decisions regarding the product and process designs. The purpose of statistical analysis is to determine the normal (probable) behavior of a simulation and distinguish it from abnormal (improbable) behavior of a system. In other words, we want to distinguish what happens commonly from what merely happens by chance. Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_role_of_statistical_analysis_in_simulation#ixzz1bKtsV YTy...
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