MKT week 3 Tourism In India

MKT week 3 Tourism In India - Discuss how India should...

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Discuss how India should position itself as a healthcare tourist centre. India should position itself as a low cost high value and quality alternative to the high priced US healthcare system and long waiting systems of most European countries. They should emphasize their highly trained doctors, advanced medicine and high tech procedures. They should also point out the tourist aspect of having medical procedures done in India to off-set the customer’s consideration of the travel expense. Indian also has internationally trained specialists and the latest medical technologies which have been developed for U.S. companies by Indian technology developers in some cases. There needs to be publicity surrounding the Indian government's role in the industry and the steps they are taking to enhance roads, transportation and sanitation of the major cities. Identify the groups that India should target. India should target middle aged and older people in the United States and Canada because this
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