MKT week 5 (lenovo)

MKT week 5 (lenovo) - Class Discussion Case – Lenovo...

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Unformatted text preview: Class Discussion: Case – Lenovo: Students will respond to the following questions: • Evaluate the pros and cons of choosing to focus on a master brand instead of a house of brands such as ThinkPad. • Discuss has Lenovo differentiates its products in the marketplace (innovation, efficiency, both, something else). • Discuss how Lenovo can use Thinkpad to build the Lenovo brand without hurting the Thinkpad brand. • Discuss how Lenovo should position itself: As a new Chinese company? A combination of East and West? An international firm? Why? Lenovo had chosen to position itself as a premium PC company that would provide differential features for its target customers like Sony and Apple. In general, two different models could be used to establish a PC company 1) Cost-oriented, like Dell that emphasized the needs of supply chain efficiency and maintaining the competitive advantage with not differential features in PC 2) Innovation-oriented, like Sony and Apple that emphasized the needs of the target customers,...
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