MKT week 6 (1) - How can product/service differentiation...

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How can product/service differentiation provide a competitive advantage? Product/service differentiation provide a competitive advantage in such a way that, it helps in demonstrating specific unique features of given firm products, and services which in turn makes the demand of purchasing such unique products to be high. This explains why an individual needs to find out specific differentiation techniques or strategies to have a competitive advantage. The following are some of the reasons why differentiation is such an important aspect in determining the value of products, and services. Most of the products and services that are of high quality are usually expensive. This is supported with the fact that such products/ services have unique features that individuals are interested in. High quality substances buy high prices in markets as there are always full assurance that one’s one invest money on product/ service of good quality, there are always very minimum feature expenses that might be required in terms of servicing activities. The uniqueness of the designs or functional skills also buys individuals interest in specific products. Increasing the price of specific products/services becomes an easy task ones an individual knows how to get consumers attention. One secret that has made leading firms to earn
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MKT week 6 (1) - How can product/service differentiation...

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