MKT week 7 (2) - Discuss's competition (Marvel...

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Discuss’s competition (Marvel and and how differentiates its offerings from its competitors. Marvel is a large search engine that uses contextual or pay-per-click banner advertising. Marvel’s primary revenue stream is generated through advertisers who pay Marvel each time a customer actually clicks on an advertisement to learn more about an advertised product. Marvel does not charge for impressions, just for each click-through on the website because of its large volume every month, they still create high profit. is condition-specific website which focuses such as cardiovascular disease, depression or obesity and disseminating credible medical information about a specific medical condition. (Cengage Learning, 2010, p.99) also has this site’s significant marketing budget paid for a large, International, Multilanguage advertisement campaign. MedNet differentiates its offerings from its competitors primarily by being a reliable, trusted source for medical information. And also they already established their brand/product name. Discuss the marketing goals of MedNet’s marketing goal is to provide medical information to a non professional consumer, to provide information for free and to generate profits from advertising sales. (Cengage Learning, 2010, p.93-93). And they need to get a larger visitor for their website to able to sell more click- throughs. Evaluate the three options for at the end of the case and select a course of action for the pricing strategy. Provide a rationale for your selection. I think the alternative health information is the best option among three. Because nowadays most of the people want some therapies like massage especially if they are stress or tired from work or maybe some herbal remedies like health supplement, Acupressure, Reflexology This option can bring in a larger number of audiences for MedNet’s. and of course more click-throughs. Discuss other potential revenue streams for beyond advertising.
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MKT week 7 (2) - Discuss's competition (Marvel...

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