MKT week 8 - o Discuss how Carnival can use its brand name...

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o Discuss how Carnival can use its brand name to leverage business in the industry Carnival prides itself as a fun, one-stop-shop, entertainment and vacation provider. Carnival Corporation became the largest cruise company in the world. Carnivals were popular to families and multigenerational families, honeymooners and young people. Carnival is able to maintain its market share and profitability. When compared to its competitors, Carnival continues to remain a formidable force in the cruise industry. They can get lots of guest with different demographic especially young people and a group of families by offering enjoyable, fun, excellent service and memorable experience in carnival cruise. o Discuss how implementing an effective CRM system at Carnival can lead to satisfied guests and repeat customers. Carnival should adopt a CRM strategy in order to take advantage of the huge opportunity to gain brand loyalty and market share. Carnival has the ability to create meaningful relationships with their customers and they must learn about their customer’s needs and wants. Learn what kind of games they playing in casino, what excursions they enjoy the most, or some information about their guest. Once Carnival begins to provide a customized experience based upon customer preferences, they will see a significant increase in loyalty. A relationship is not built on low prices; it’s built on a cruise experience tailored appropriately for all returning customers.
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MKT week 8 - o Discuss how Carnival can use its brand name...

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