MKT week 9 (2) - * Analyze the four Vanguard client...

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* Analyze the four Vanguard client services areas of full-service institutional, investment-only institutional, core retail, and high-net-worth retail using the Boston Consulting Group Matrix. Vanguard is a mutual fund industry’s growth leader, sold mutual funds to customers interested in low cost and long term investing funds. These businesses are appropriately called question marks because it is often uncertain what will happen to them. Careful examination by management can help determine how many resources (if any) should be invested in these businesses. If significant change can increase relative market share for a question mark, it can become a star and eventually gain cash-cow status. If relative market share cannot be increased, the question mark becomes a dog. Strategic business units, which are often used to describe the products grouping or activities, are represented with a circle in the BCG Matrix. The size of the circle indicates the relative significance of each business unit to the organization in terms of revenue generated (or assets used).
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MKT week 9 (2) - * Analyze the four Vanguard client...

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