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Assignment #3: Pricing Strategy And Channel Distribution o Discuss how households have changed over the past 20 years and the implications of these changes on the purchase of consumer goods. Over the past 20 years, the traditional household dynamic has drastically changed. In the early 1900’s families consisted of a husband, wife and children. Most people were married at a young age and were focused on family rather than their careers. In today’s society people are getting married later, households sometimes consist of two husbands or two wives and people are career focused. With modern technology allowing for households to have interactive programs, internet and even phones consumers are focused on speed. Consumers want things faster, cheaper and better. Manufacturers must now find better faster and better ways to reach consumers. With Social Media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter quickly taking over, manufactures have adapted a new way to reach consumers. o How would Procter & Gamble market shampoo to Young Transitionals differently than Start-
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