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Discuss the benefits of branding at Rosewood hotels. Because the Rosewood Hotels closely resemble the communities they are built in, it is not apparent from the outside that they are a corporate hotel structure; this is where branding comes into the picture. With branding the name, the hotel chain can still keep the local character that their customers come to expect, while offering the name recognition that increase bookings. This step will also increase the number of repeat visitors in different locations. Since Rosewood is known for their pampering, and high quality, branding the name will make more loyal customers. Discuss the concerns with branding all hotels in the product line as Rosewood. The main concern with branding has to do with the individuality of each hotel. Many employees felt that branding them all under one name would cause them to lose their uniqueness, and what made them desirable to customers. This concern also affects the way customers see the hotel.
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