week1 - Class discussion: Students will respond to the...

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Class discussion: Students will respond to the following: o Discuss how marketing has changed over the past 10 years. o Discuss how the global economic crisis has impacted the way company’s market their products/services. o Discuss how customers can influence the products and services provided by companies. o Identify ways that a company can make marketing every employee’s responsibility. o How can customers’ needs and wants impact marketing? Marketing methods have made major developments over the past decade, as web presence and social media have continued to soar in their ability to influence consumer behavior. Web advertising has evolved from simple banner campaigns and pop ups to complex algorithms that attempt to predict what the user is interested in, key word advertising associations, and attempts to use viral style marketing via silly videos, "word of mouth" contests, and unique promotions. As marketing companies continue to gather buyer behaviors through an ever extending source of media, from online surveys, focus groups, or even "discount cards" at the grocery store, marketing has evolved to become much more attuned to what customers are looking for. In some cases, the marketing itself is inherent in the data gathering process itself, as questions about likes and dislikes exposes their product and generates buzz. Focusing on the customers' needs and wants is largely the key to having a successful business. Striking a balance between the two that is profitable is how your marketing is impacted. For example, let's say your customers need high
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week1 - Class discussion: Students will respond to the...

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