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1 ORIE 3120: Industrial Data and Systems Analysis Spring 2012 Homework #1 Due Date: 2/1/12 (Wednesday) noon. Rhodes Hall Course Dropbox Label Homework with Name, NetID, and Section Number 1. Functional Modeling and IDEF0 (25 points) For a goal-oriented system of your choice, create an IDEF0 model (diagrams, page labels, page titles). For example, the system could be a business idea for your fraternity/sorority, a product design, a web-based service, a game, or a rescue mission. It simply needs to have a goal that can be stated as a functional objective. The goal of this assignment is to test your facility with the IDEF0 notation, not your functional design ability. The diagrams may be hand-drawn but not simply sketched freehand (i.e. use a ruler). MS Powerpoint could be used (see autoshapes and connectors) but then you must hand-draw the rounded corners of the arrow connectors. Microsoft Visio has an IDEF0 template. (I use Visio for lectures.) You may stop the exercise once it satisfies all the following requirements: (a) (3 points) Page A-0 shows a single high-level capability; all external inputs; all external controls; all outputs for external uses; and all resources. That is, if an external input, control, output, or resource shows up on a lower level page, it should also show up on page A-0. An input or control is external if it is not the output of some function internal to the system. Similarly an output is for
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HW_01SQLandIDEF0 - ORIE 3120 Industrial Data and Systems...

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