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Testimonials 2011 - ORIE 3120 Industrial Data and Systems...

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1 | Page ORIE 3120 Industrial Data and Systems Analysis Testimonials January 23, 2012 If students use any of the techniques or ideas from ORIE 3120 as part of their summer jobs (or future careers), I ask them to drop me a note describing what they did and give me permission to share it with the class. It might motivate future generations of students to see the utility of the material. ORIE3120 was first offered in Spring 2007. Here are some comments I have received. (If you send me comments after you have taken the course, please add a statement that gives me permission to share the comments and your name with future students.) … Also, I found this class extremely useful, as I've worked as an engineering technician in a factory for the past few vacation periods. This has been the most useful class I have taken yet….D.B. ….I am really glad I took your course, my manager is impressed with my forecasting knowledge. Thanks for all the help. Nick…. Hi, my name is Miki Winyoopradist. I took your ORIE 312 class in Spring 07 and ORIE Independent Study class in Fall 09. Since graduating I have joined Deloitte Consulting as a Business Technology Analyst and am really enjoying my experience. I've been using Microsoft Access, writing SQL codes, and learning Oracle Siebel application at my current project. The ORIE 312 class really prepares me well for this job! Thank You! I wanted to let you know that I am currently working with Booz Allen Hamilton as an Operations Research consultant. I am working on many different Operations Research applications, primarily data analysis, some simulation modeling, and database work. I am very happy to have taken your 3120 course. My database skills are very useful here, especially with moving stored data from Excel to Access. People are starting to see the usefulness of querying. Farhan Chagani I received an offer yesterday to join a top consulting firm's analyst class of 2010 in New York City! Thank you so much for all your help in brushing up my data analysis skills! The ORIE312 class prepared me very well for the final round interview, which consisted of a 3-hour skills assessment requiring extensive Microsoft Access knowledge. Since I only had a week to prepare for the interview, I started off by reading books, such as "the Dummy's Guide to Microsoft Access 2007." After flipping through a couple books, I realized that cramming hundreds of pages within a week was not going to be feasible. Instead, I went back to previous homework assignments and section materials for
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This note was uploaded on 02/09/2012 for the course ORIE 3120 taught by Professor Jackson during the Spring '09 term at Cornell.

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Testimonials 2011 - ORIE 3120 Industrial Data and Systems...

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