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NAME: ________________________ PERIOD: ___ PHYSICS HONORS LAB WORKSHEET: “OSCILLATIONS” Part One: Pendulum Materials: ring stand, string, various masses, CBL, photogate, calculator Directions: 1) Activate the application EASYDATA and be sure it is in pendulum mode. 2) Tie the string to the ring stand so that approximately the assigned length of the string is hangs down. Keep the rest of the string out of the way. Attach the 50-g mass. Adjust the length of the string so that the distance from the center of the mass to the ring stand is equal to the assigned length. 3) Pull the mass sideways until the string almost touches the photogate and then release. Start the timer. Make sure that the string does not touch the edge of the photogate as it swings. 4) Watch the calculator screen as the pendulum oscillates. Make a note of how the period of oscillation changes as time goes on. Look to see if the period varies randomly or is consistently getting larger or smaller. 5) After about 20 oscillations, stop the data collection by pressing “STO”. Record the mean period. 6)
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