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Physics Honors Test: Chapter 12 Form 1 DO NOT WRITE ON THIS TEST. SHOW WORK ON ANSWER SHEET FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS FOR FULL CREDIT! max cos xx ωt max sin vv ωt max cos aa ωt ω 2π f ω T F kx k ω m g ω L 2 1 K mv 2 2 1 U kx 2 p mv F ma A physics teacher takes his daughter to the park, where they play on the swings, as shown at right. The daughter gets on and swings with frequency f 1 . Later, the physics teacher gets on the same swing. His frequency is f 2 . The physics teacher is both taller and more massive than his daughter. 1) Compare f 1 to f 2 , and explain why there is a difference. A 50-g mass is attached to a spring and allowed to come to equilibrium. The mass is then pulled 5 cm downward and then released from rest. It oscillates with a frequency of 2.0 Hz. 2) When is the mass first located 2 cm above the equilibrium position? 3) What is the velocity of the mass when it is first located 2 cm above the equilibrium position? 4) The 50-gram mass is replaced with a 125-gram mass. What is its period of the oscillation? On a distant planet, a spring hangs vertically when a mass
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