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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 7 WebLab#2 Force Needed for Circular Motion * Go to the following website: http://physci.kennesaw.edu/javamirror/ntnujava/projectileOrbit/projectileOrbit.html * Carefully read the instructions, then click Start Simulation. * Note the initial velocity (in m/s) and press Start. Observe the path of the projectile. Then press Back. * Press the + and - buttons to change the initial velocity of the projectile, and then press Start. Observe the path, and then press Back. * Continue increasing the initial velocity until the projectile is in orbit. Observe the orientation of the white radius vector with the red velocity vector. Observe how the speed of the projectile changes. Note the time required to complete one orbit. * Press Reset. Click + to increase the initial velocity, then press Start. Continue until the projectile is in a circular orbit....
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