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Physics Honors Chapter 6 Test: Momentum and Impulse version 1 v m p = t F p = 2f 1f v v = sometimes 90 2f 1f = + θ sometimes 2f 20 1f 10 v v v v + = + sometimes 2 2 1 mv K = mgh U g = c b a c b a sin sin sin = = Law of Sines cos 2 2 2 2 ab b a c - + = Law of Cosines A 75-g rubber ball moving north at 8 m/s strikes a 50-g rubber ball moving south at 5 m/s. 1) If after the collision the 75-g ball comes to rest, what is the final velocity of the 50-g ball? 2) What is the maximum amount of heat and sound energy that can be produced by this collision? Identical constant net forces act to push two identical masses A and B continuously from a starting line to a finish line. Mass A is initially at rest and mass B is initially moving toward the finish line. Both objects move the same distance while being pushed. 3) Which mass has the larger change in momentum? Explain your answer.
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