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Practice Problems Worksheet Skeleton - A girl at the top of...

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A girl at the top of a building of height 1.10 x 102 m throws a water balloon downward onto the head of an unsuspecting rodent. It takes 4.00 s for the balloon to travel from the girl’s hand to the rodent’s skull. 28) At what velocity does the water balloon hit the rodent? Answer: 47.1 m/s [D] 29) At what speed does the water balloon leave the girl’s hand? Answer: 7.90 m/s An idiot shoots a gun straight up into the air on New Year’s Eve. The “muzzle velocity” of the gun (the speed at which the bullet leaves) is 3.00 x 102 m/s. 30) What is the velocity of the bullet 45.0 s after it leaves the gun? Answer: 1.41 x 102 m/s [D] 31) What is the maximum altitude of the bullet? Answer: 4.59 km A car is moving at 20.0 m/s [N] when it begins to constantly accelerate to a final velocity of 10.0 m/s [N]. It travels 1.50 x 102 m during this time.
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32) How long did the acceleration last? Answer: 10.0 s 33) What was the average acceleration of the car during this time? Answer: 1.00 m/s2 [S] The next generation of deep-space probes may be powered by an “ion-drive” engine, which will provide a small but continuous acceleration for years at a time. (Rockets now provide large accelerations but only for a
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Practice Problems Worksheet Skeleton - A girl at the top of...

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