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WTF PROBLEM - compare results they find that they have...

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Here is a physics problem that you are not supposed to solve: A pickup truck travels east on a level plane at speed v t . In the back of the truck an archer strings her bow, aims forward (eastward) at angle above the horizon, and lets fly an arrow with speed v o relative to the truck. How far from the launch point will the arrow strike the ground? Four friends work this problem independently. When they get together afterwards to
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Unformatted text preview: compare results, they find that they have produced four different answers! The candidate answers are a) g v v v x o o t 2 sin sin 2 2 2 b) g v v v x o o t 2 sin 2 sin 2 2 c) g v v v x o o t 2 sin cos 2 2 d) g v v v x o o t 2 sin sin 2 2 Without solving the problem, provide simple reasons showing that three of these candidate answers must be incorrect....
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