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Unformatted text preview: JPN102 SS2011 HW List Week4 2011 年 日本語 102: しゅくだいのリスト 四 (4th Week) On 2/4 (Fri), we will have all the sections in Computer Lab in 415 Computer Center . Mid-Term Oral exam will be on 2/11 (Friday next week). Sample questions are available on CP p.160. Audio Files are available on ANGEL. Read instructions and tips for the oral test on CP p.159 and start to prepare for it. HW Assignments : Points are given in the following way (please look at the syllabus, too): check plus (1.1 pts.), check (1 pt. = full credits), check minus (0.9 pts) or half-credits (0.5 pts.). If you receive RE-DO and re-submit, points are given in the following way: Re-Do check (0.9 pts.), Re-Do check minus (0.8 pts), Re-Do half credits (0.5 pts.). ABBREVIATIONS: GEN=Genki textbook; CP=Course Pack; L=lesson; TT=Tango Test (vocabulary quiz) 1月31日 (月曜日) (1) Study L7-L8 kanji (GEN pp.282-283, pp.287-288) Be sure to study “ 作文 ” as well. The format of the quiz is the same as L6-L7 kanji quiz [→...
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