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Homework_1 - Assessment Page 1 of 4 1 What is the LD50 for...

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1. What is the LD50 for chemical X, based on the figure below? A) 7 mg B) 12 mg C) 17 mg D) 20 mg E) 25 mg 2. Knowledge of the dose-response relationship permits one to determine: 3. A toxic substance produced by a biological organism is generally known as a: 4. An individual was exposed to chlorine while working at an indoor swimming pool. This individual experienced severe eye, nose and throat irritation and pulmonary edema. This is an example of a: 5. The target organ is always the site of the highest concentration of the chemical. A) True B) False 6. In toxicology testing, the material in which the test compound is dissolved prior to administration to the test subject is known as the: Page 1 of 4 Assessment 3/30/2011 https://angel.msu.edu/Section/Assessment/Delivery/AssessmentAll.aspx?entryId=F979D9...
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A) control B) vehicle C) dissolvant D) delivery E) none of the above
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