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Week 10 - Learning Objectives and Assignments Learning objectives: Understand the basic structure and function of the kidney Understand why the kidney is uniquely susceptible to toxicity Understand the various types of cellular responses to injury in renal cells Understand the importance of the following mechanisms in nephrotoxicant- induced injury: o cellular transport, subcellular binding and biotransformation (including ROS formation) o lipid peroxidation and mitochondrial dysfunction o disruption of ion homeostasis o disregulation of regulatory enzymes Understand the nephrotoxicity of the following compounds/classes of compounds: o heavy metals (mercury, cadmium and chromium in particular) o NSAIDs and acetaminophen o cyclosporin A o halogenated hydrocarbons o aminoglycosides o antimycin A Understand the various models for in vitro renal toxicity testing Required reading: Casarett and Doull's: Chapter 14 (pages 191 - 201) Schnellmann, RG and Kelly, KJ. Pathophysiology of nephrotoxic acute renal
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Week_10_Learning_Objectives_and_Assignme - Week 10 Learning...

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