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exam question - tell system behavior is it stable?if...

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Given the unity feedback control system in figure 7, design an appropriate compensator that will reduce the settling time by a factor of 2, while maintaing 20% overshoot. Plot the root lous of the compensated system, design the physical circuit and draw the circuit diagram. DC motor equation >may be given datasheet given values, write transfer function
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Unformatted text preview: tell system behavior is it stable?if something is added,what happens? *Mason rules *start with the basics 1. If G=10k/(s+100)(s+20)^2 Plant Transfer function Draw block diagram for unity feed back,find closed loop TF, find range of stability for K 2.2 nd order approxiamation *for system in 1, find zeta and %OS 3.Masons rule pg 208...
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