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PHIL2250 - Draw inference from movement& thoughts If A...

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Logic –Study of argument Truth Value-could be true or false Argument a group of statements making a relationship Supportive statement If statement A is supported by B, then we can infer C is true Conclusion statement The truth value of the conclusion will follow [Is this group of statement an argument?] All m are p(t) All s are m(t) All s are m(t) Conclusion is reached by inference of the premise Because> Since> Premise indicators Given that> -indicates ,does not ‘prove’
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Unformatted text preview: Draw inference from movement & thoughts If A, then B if B, then C if A, then C No S are F(t) No F are S(v) valid All S are F All F are S invalid Argument is valid if the conclusion is true. If an argument is invalid,doesn’t mean it is false. invalid means the argument is flawed not false. Ex: All animals in the barn are mammals no mammals in the barns are dogs no animals in the barn are dogs...
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