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lab 2 conclusion - flow during every half-cycle, but it is...

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For the most part of this lab, constructed and investigated a full and half wave rectifier. We investigated each of the rectifiers with the use of a capacitor filter to reduce the ripples as well as demonstrate how loading of power supplies affects ripples. This lab is used to help us understand how each of the rectifiers work. During the first few procedure, we constructed the first circuit and discovered it was a full-wave cycle. Through the investigations, we were able to see that a full wave rectifier allows current to
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Unformatted text preview: flow during every half-cycle, but it is designed so that current always flow in the same direction through the load resistance. For the second one, we created a circuit with the loading effect of a small resistance on power supply ripple as well as demonstrating other functions that can cause a change in the waveform on the next circuit. I find this lab to be very helpful in understand rectifiers, filters and ripples....
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