lecture 3 - Philosophical perspectives Psychology is born...

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The Story of Psychology o The people behind the methods Doing Science/Psychology Goals of science Psychology o Describe o Predict o Explain o Change Scientific method: Based on systematic observation of relationships between variables Formulate a testable hypothesis o Specify variables o Provide operational definitions Select a research method/design the study Collect data Analyze data and draw conclusions Report findings Advantages of the scientific approach 1) Clarity and precision 2) Relative intolerance of error 3) If 2 findings conflict- we can investigate further Methods are selected: o Research question/goal o School/camp In the beginning… o Ancient Egyptians o Psamtik I (7 th c.BCE) o Greeks o Philosophy why? o Physiology how? Philosophical perspectives: Psychology is born… o Zeitgeist o “spirit of the times” o Ortgeist o “spirit of the place” o Wundt o 1 st psych lab- Leipzig
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o structuralism (Titchener) o reduce consciousness into basic elements
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Unformatted text preview: Philosophical perspectives Psychology is born in the U.S. o Will James (also 1875) o How consciousness works Why we have thoughts o Functionalism o Study function/purpose of consciousness E.g., memory: Ebbinghaus E.g., intelligence: Binet E.g., memory: Calkins* o G. Stanley Hall o Esp. 1 st independent Psych lab in US Johns Hopkins Philosophies Theoretical Perspectives Schools Early 1900s: o Emphasis on learning in US psych o Behaviorism o According to Watson: o Should study only observable responses learned associations Meanwhile Back in Europe o Sigmund Freud o According to Freud: Should study unconscious motivation of behavior Psychoanalytic perspective B.F. Skinner o Resurrects behaviorism Emphasis on positive & negative Consequences of behavior Cognitive Psychology o Piaget o Testing o...
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lecture 3 - Philosophical perspectives Psychology is born...

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