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Concept of branding first emerged during the Entrepreneurs possess all of the following traits except When the SBA assists a small business in applying for a major loan, A particular industry has only a few competitors, who have at least some control over price. Entry into the difficult. This industry is an example of Barriers to entry into an industry are highest in Two major policy tools are available for controlling economic activity they are According to surveys, the majority of small businesses rely on __ as a source of funding Kim graduated from college in May and is looking for a job. She is __ unemployed A particular industry has many competitors,each of whom has little control over price
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Unformatted text preview: The study of macroeconomics Provides a running measure of consumer price changes Outsourcing Traditionally, small businesses tended to be concentrated in the __ industry The two principals in a franchising agreement are If the cost of producing a good or service declines, the supply curve will shift to the __ and the price will __ The franchisor provides all of the following services except Approximately __ percent of all US firms employ 100 or fewer workers All of the following except are important characteristics of entrepreneurs __planning is the most general and far-reaching when management’s decisions align with social and economic issues, the company is practicing...
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