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Guest Lecture 11.5 - Cigarette Smoking Most preventable...

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Cigarette Smoking Most preventable cause of illness and death in the United States o 8.6 million live with smoking-related illnesses o Nearly 500,000 die from smoke exposure or smoking Smoking prevalence rates have decreased over the last several decades, but about 20% of adults continue to smoke o Young adults have the highest smoking rates (28.5%) and are more at risk for smoking-related illness Chances decrease if they can quit by the time they are 30! Modifying Illness-Related Behaviors Eliminating smoking would increase life expectancy more than any other preventative measure Why people smoke? 1. People smoke because it is socially rewarding 2. People also smoke due to genetic factors 3. Nicotine takes away unpleasant cravings (negative reinforcement) by triggering epinephrine, dopamine, and endorphins. 4. Nicotine is itself rewarding (positive reinforcement) Biopsychosocial Factors: Biological Influences: Genetic influences on nicotine addiction Physiological addiction Psychological influences: Adolescent response to “cool” smoker models Social-cultural influences: Persuasive tobacco company efforts to convince teens to smart smoking Friends and family members who smoke ^all ties to smoking habit^ Helping Smokers Quit: Smoking has decreased in western countries, especially in higher socioeconomic and educational level groups. Benefits of Quitting Smoking: Health Effects
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o 70-80% reduction of CVD risk w/in 3 years o 50-70% reduction of lung cancer risk w/in 10 years o Reductions in stroke and cancer risks too Financial Benefit Better Quality of Life o Reduced stress, better functioning, better health later in life Free from addiction Ways to Quit Smoking:
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Guest Lecture 11.5 - Cigarette Smoking Most preventable...

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