DILLON SEMESTER NOTES - Marketing 3401- Lecture Notes:...

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Unformatted text preview: Marketing 3401- Lecture Notes: Spring 2011 Success Karam in 2001 had dinner at an exclusive country club and talked to a successful business man named John Kant. From the conversation, he took notes on a napkin about how to be successful not only in marketing, but in any kind of job. This lead him to come up with the following philosophy: Things you must do in order to be successful/make the company you work for be successful: 1. Package/market yourself- you have to be able to know how to present yourself and make people like you. You have to target the right people with the right ideas. 2. Sell yourself- you have to have those skills that make you stand out and make people want to buy you. This is the only one of these four things that there is a model for. 3. Networking- you have to know people. (he used the example of the NOLA mold guy that used his connections to make a huge profit in New Orleans right after Katrina) 4. Maintain contacts- stay in touch with the people you do work with because you never know when youll need them. Each individual person has their own way of doing this. Traits you need to be successful/marketable 1. Creativity- figure out how to problem solve and be innovative. Create a way to make things better. The little tweaks, or adjustments, to things can make all the difference in success/failure. 2. Aggressive- if at first you dont succeed, try, try, again. You have to keep trying, even when its not as easy as you wish it would be. You have to stay focused and determined, and never give up, even if you have to start from scratch. (exp- Ford motor company was all but dead, but they didnt give up, and now they are a juggernaut again.) 3. Enthusiastic- you have to have a little bit of fire or snap in what youre doing. You cant be a drain on a company, or you will be fired. You have to have a certain energy/light about you. This is kind of like the it factor. 4. Intelligence- you have to be smart/bright. You have to have a good feel for every industry youre in. Are you able to do what someone tells you to do, and do it well/accurately? 5. Honesty-you have to be trustworthy/will do the right thing. You need to be dependable, and wont fall under temptations such as giving out company info to other people for certain incentives. Business ethics are wrapped around the concept of honesty. (exp- look at Enron. Dishonesty is what made the entire company collapse). A good example of honesty can be seen in one of Karams former students. Karam wrote down the wrong score by over 100 points. (the kids grade on Moodle said he got a 190/200 when he really got a 90/200.) The student went to Karam and told him the truth, causing him to lose his A in the class. That is the definition of honesty and morality to the extreme....
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DILLON SEMESTER NOTES - Marketing 3401- Lecture Notes:...

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