notes 2:9 - Cope with change by adapting to new...

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Notes 2/9/2012 Rothlisberger, Dickson, Mayo Scientific Management Human Relations Movement Hawthorne Effect High productivity influenced by management caring about them. Being watched/studied changes behavior (the lighting really didn’t have any effect) Weber Bureaucracy red tape Rationality Limits on hiring What you know verses who you know Likert’s overlapping group/link-pin model System 1: authoritatian System 2 System 3 System 4: participative You want to move towards system 4 to be the most effective Someone is a member of 2 groups Leader of 1 group Member of 1 other group Matrix – Adhocracy Organization has a permanent method for being flexible.
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Unformatted text preview: Cope with change by adapting to new environment. Cross-functional team of people for diverse perspectives in the process Advantages Away from monotony of same tasks Shows ability to work with others Recognized / picked to work on project Change of place & pace Disadvantages Adapting to change Working with strangers 2 bosses to report to can lead to poor communication role conflict Effective organization characterized by: #1: adaptability/flexibility influences everything employee and customer satisfaction profit & revenue productivity...
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notes 2:9 - Cope with change by adapting to new...

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