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Denny’s- In the article, “Who could eat all this.” it starts off with Denny’s “grand-slam- of-the-year” promotion. With this promotion, Denny’s is hoping to bring more customers through the door, since one person can’t eat all this food alone. There are 600,000 people who enter this contest and out of those 600,000, 450,000 join Denny’s reward program. Looking on their website, Denny’s claims to be one of the easiest reward programs out there, stating that you don’t even have to buy anything. The customer will automatically start receiving exclusive money saving coupons and news about the latest promotions. A Denny’s based on Spartanburg, SC, says that their grand-slam-of-the-year prizes are worth $311 per customer and the winners are selected at random by computer.
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Unformatted text preview: And they tell their friends. . Subway- in February Subway announced a food give away to promote their “$5 footlong” and 71 winners will receive free sandwiches for a year, equaling $250 in gift cards. Subway was able to add 400,000 customers to their market database with this promotion. Also, just last month, Subway had a promotion called “Anytober” which allowed customers to choose any footlong of their choice, for only $5, throughout the month of October. I’m sure may of you have seen the Bacardi girls and the Bud Light girls. You know the girls who pass around shots, t-shirts, and those oh so fun, blinky light buttons around Tigerland, downtown, and LSU tailgating events....
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