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Unformatted text preview: Online Learning Community Response #1 Should Teachers & Students be Facebook Friends? Source: limit-how-teachers-and-students-interact-online.html?_r=3 This article definitley raises some concern since this issue has many different viewpoints. Although I think it is important for students and teachers to develop strong relationships, I don't believe that students and teachers should be connected through social media outlets. Like you, I have some of my teachers' phone numbers, but only because it is provided to the class on a syllabus in case we need to reach him/her on the weekend. I feel that type of situation is acceptable, but I don't see any positives in being socially connected with teachers on-line. Although neither party may mean any harm by becoming Facebook friends, it doesn't look good to others. We always hear in the news, and most recently a scandal in my hometown, about inappropriate relationships between teachers and students. teachers and students....
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