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Online Learning Community Response #2 The Bad Side of Apple Source: Wow! I’m pretty surprised by this article. I had no idea that Apple employees were being treated this poorly. You’re definitely right when you said that they must have a great PR team, because all we hear about Apple is positive! This situation reminds me of what we saw when we watched the corporation video in class… The CEO/Co-Founder of Nike said that he had never been to his factories, and when someone bought him a ticket to fly out and visit, he refused to go! I think it is awful that such successful companies are actually unsuccessful in the sense that they don’t value their employees, but rather the profit and reputation.
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Unformatted text preview: My family and I all own Apple products (laptops, iPhones, iPods, iPads) and I’ve never been anything but very pleased with them. I think it is a huge problem when even the founder, Steve Jobs, tries to cover up any negative association to Apple but glossing over some major problems. Although it’s awful to find out that a company I love is not as ethical as they claim, I think it is good that this negative attention is being brought to the corporation. I think all employees, whether factory workers, “geniuses” at the store, or upper management, should be treated equally, fairly, and above all, with value. Apple wouldn’t even be close to where it is today without the factory workers, and something should be changed in order to ensure they are respected and compensated appropriately....
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