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CH 1: THE COMMUNICATION PROCESS Interpersonal Communication Occurs when 2+ people engage in voluntary, ongoing, interdependent interactions that involve meaningful interpretation of verbal and nonverbal messages Relationships move from impersonal to increasingly personal as closeness and trust develops Patterns Communication in ongoing relationships becomes patterned Everyday communication tends to be dominated by functional, rather than nurturing interactions Functional communication involves managing day-to-day necessities and exchanging impersonal information
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Unformatted text preview: Nurturing communication occurs when participants exchange messages that are caretaking of the relationship – messages that indicate that the relationship is valued Involves emotional closeness and open conversation Relational Culture People in strong, highly developed interpersonal relationships eventually create their own relational culture. Relational culture – a private world of rules, understandings, meanings, and patterns of acting and interpreting that partners create for their relationship They are constructed, maintained, or changed through communication. A strong relational culture is the hallmark of an intense, interpersonal relationship....
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