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SOCIAL PENETRATION THEORY - Breadth Number of topics...

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SOCIAL PENETRATION THEORY Attemps to understand overall relational development “Social penetration” refers to the movement from superficial communication to more intimate communication during the process of relational development Assumptions of Social Penetration Theory Relationships progress from nonintimate to intimate. Initial conversations may appear trivial, but it allows individuals to get a chance to think about perspectives for future Relational development is generally systematic and predictable Even dynamic relationships follow a standard pattern of development Relational development includes depenetration and dissolution Communication can also move backwards toward nonintimacy Self-disclosure is at the core of relationship development Allows people to get to know each other – helps shape a relationship The Social Penetration Process
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Unformatted text preview: Breadth Number of topics discussed in the relationship Depth Degree of intimacy guiding topic discussions 1. Orientation stage occurs at the public level People act in socially desirable ways, smile, and react politely People don’t evaluate or criticize in this stage 2. Exploratory affective exchange stage Casual acquaintances and friendly neighbors Use phrases that are idiosyncration to the relationships Spontaneity in communication More touch behavior More nonverbal expression of emotions 3. Affective exchange stage Interactions that are more “freewheeling and casual” Individuals say what they want without fear of it ending the relationship Represents further commitment to the other Personal idioms 4. Stable exchange Reached in few relationships Open expression of thoughts, feelings, behaviors Few misinterpretations in communication...
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SOCIAL PENETRATION THEORY - Breadth Number of topics...

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