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psych paper #1

psych paper #1 - Kendi Murungi Psych 2070 Gender identity...

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Kendi Murungi Psych 2070 10/14/10 Gender identity is a topic that constantly comes into question in today’s world. A recent article in The New York Times discusses the struggles of high school students whose clothing choices bend the dress code. Schools have always enforced a relatively strict dress code. For girls, it focuses on the length of their skirts and shorts, and limited exposure of the skin on their upper body. For boys, it focuses on the length of their hair and making sure their pants don’t sag. But when it comes to students that identify with a different gender, is it pushing the envelope for them to cross-dress? This article provides many examples of students that were harassed both by their fellow student body as well as school officials for their clothes. For example, a young boy from Houston got sent home from school because the wig he wore violated his school’s dress code regarding hair length. Another example is graduation pictures. Tradition holds that males are supposed to wear tuxedos in their pictures, and females are supposed to wear drapes. Students that choose to do otherwise were not pictured in their yearbook. Some students are harassed to the point of concern. A male student from California was shot and killed by a fellow
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