Chapter 12

Chapter 12 - Chapter 12: Divorce Recent History: 1997,...

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Chapter 12: Divorce Recent History: 1997, Louisiana creates “covenant marriage” o Signed pledge to each other o Court enforceable o Pre-marriage counseling o Post-marriage counseling (if needed) o Waived right of divorce for first 2 years (need spouse’s written consent prior) o Has since been adopted by AZ and AR Response to “no fault” legislation U.S. has the highest divorce rate of developed nations. o Probability of marriage ending in divorce has doubled since 1960s. ½ of all American marriages that began since 1970 will end in divorce or permanent separation. Causes of Divorce: Extramarital affairs o Most of these affairs go undiscovered Sexual dissatisfaction leads to marital dissatisfaction o Some believe the only way to improve their sex life is to get a divorce, and replace their partner o Second marriages are sexually more satisfying than first marriages and have a higher rate of sexual intercourse Economics o One of the larger and more important causes of divorce Rise in individualism o More worried about our personal satisfaction than pleasing others Effects of Divorce: Childless couples experience less negative outcomes Different story when children are involved o Although marital ties may be severed, ties between parent and child are not o Mothers usually get custody of children Remarriage and stepfamilies o Half of all children who see their parents divorce will see their parents remarry American family life greatly altered
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The Era of Restricted Divorce: Mid-19 th century (mid-1800s) Divorce difficult to attain Marriage and divorce were largely tied to religion o Annulment -only granted by church officials and ruled that the marriage was never properly formed (divorce was forbidden) Never consummating your marriage or being too closely related were the only ways to get an annulment. o
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Chapter 12 - Chapter 12: Divorce Recent History: 1997,...

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