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Chapter 1 - Chapter 1: Public & Private Families...

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Chapter 1 *Contemporary Family Context The “traditional nuclear” family 1950s sitcoms portrayed the American Family @ the time to be Breadwinner-homemaker Is this the “ideal family”? Today’s real-life families are vastly different o Diversity can either be tolerated or of great concern *Traditional/Conservative Viewpoint Divorce, single-parenthood, cohabitation, out-of-wedlock children, negative outcomes for children all due to the diversification of family forms o “marriage movement” Conservatives also favor public policy that encourages & promotes marriage as the way out of problems *Left/Liberal Viewpoint Argue that society can adjust to new family forms o “diversity defenders” Feel public policies should support families of all types More individualized view of family and personal life today o Individualism: a style of life in which individuals pursue their own interests & place great importance on developed a personally rewarding life o More toleration for family life without the boundaries of marriage, and the idea to never marry is acceptable *What is a Family? Two extremes: Families are so diverse that the concept may not even be useful anymore There is one real and true “family” form Economic importance: Meaning of family member determines financial benefits Cultural context: Western nation o Monogamy: marriage system where only one spouse is allowed Non-western nations o Polygamy: allowed to have more than one spouse @ a time -There is no single definition of a family that is adequate for all purposes. -How you define a family depends on what questions you want to answer.
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Chapter 1 - Chapter 1: Public & Private Families...

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